Make the most of your vacation in Greece with kids. Explore the best places to stay in Greece with kids and what to do there for a marvellous time.

Greece With Kids: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Greek Vacation With Kids


“Kalos irthate” or “Welcome” in Greece! One of the most outstanding destinations for summer holidays in the Mediterranean and the whole of Europe. As far as family vacations go, Greece is by far the best choice. From snorkelling and island hopping to sandcastle building and unearthing archaeological sites, summer resorts in Greece simply have it all.

If you are visiting Greece with kids in the summer and are wondering what to do and where to stay, find the top choices for families below. Read on to discover how to get the most out of your holidays in Greece with kids.

What to do in Greece with kids?

Like any holiday destination, you must choose something that meets your specific interests. Kids in Greece has put together three location ideas that promise unforgettable experiences and priceless memories. So, what should you do in Greece with kids?

1. Embark on an island-hopping adventure

A great way to discover many places at once is island hopping in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea. Various providers have designed attractive packages for families that include meals on board, snorkelling equipment, and guided tours at countless destinations. You can also create your own trip by mixing and matching your favourite islands. If your ideal island-hopping trip in Greece consists of popular party spots and romantic sunset cruises, don’t say no to it just yet. Opt for professional childcare and book a nanny while you enjoy all the country has to offer.

2. Visit Greece’s vibrant capital city, Athens

Whether you are fascinated by ancient Greece and historical monuments or long promenades by the sea, Athens is a city that enchants every traveller. Brimming with fun excursions, educational activities, like mythology tours, even treasure hunts, children might just have the time of their life, even when visiting for the tenth time! Explore the Children’s Art Museum, the Acropolis Museum, the Illusions Museum and more plus parks with ponds and animals. Join tours around the ancient Agora, reach the top of the Acropolis Hill to admire the Parthenon, and engage in fun water sports.

3. Take a Road Trip around the Peloponnese

If you are the adventurous type, why not hire a car and unravel the astounding cities of the Peloponnese. Packed with castle cities, coastal towns, stone alleys, and impressive nature, the Peloponnese is perfect for a delightful trip by car. A great deal of the country’s mainland wonders are located here – caves with stalactites and stalagmites, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, Byzantine chapels, and picturesque harbours. Kids have the chance to visit ancient Olympia and witness the first place where the Olympics took place.

Best places to stay in Greece with kids

With many unspoiled beaches, shallow waters, sandy shores, and delicious traditional meals, the Greek islands and quite a few mainland destinations are family-friendly all the way. Spend splendid holidays soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

1. Mykonos: The whitewashed Chora in Mykonos and imposing windmills are a scenic backdrop for beautiful family pictures. Enjoy lunch in Little Venice, or explore the island of Delos, believed to be Apollo’s birthplace.
2. Crete: Breathtaking landscapes and rich history shape Crete island. Children love to visit the Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre, play on beaches with pink-hued sand, and revel in theme parks inspired by ancient Greece.
3. Corfu: If turquoise-coloured waters aren’t reason enough to visit the Ionian island, perhaps the verdant beach resorts will put Corfu on your travelling-with-kids bucket list. Many cultural spots and a little bit of Venice comprise “Kerkyra” island.
4. Santorini: It may be one of the top honeymoon destinations the world over, but the volcanic island is also a wonderful summer haven for kids. Quaint villages like Pyrgos and Emporio, beaches with black sand, and an open-air cinema enthral kids of all ages.
5. Kefalonia: The second Ionian island on the list (after Corfu) is known to be one of the most family-friendly Greek islands, and for a good reason. Crystal clear waters, an astonishing sea cave, and mystical monasteries are just a few of Kefalonia’s attractions.
6. Naxos: Families travelling to Naxos can’t get enough of beaches with golden sand, the Cedar Forest of Alyko, and the Aqua Fun Waterpark. Family-friendly restaurants are situated on the beach and offer superb meals made with fresh ingredients.
7. Sifnos: The child-friendly environment in Sifnos, along with a variety of healthy dining options, is why many families pick the Aegean island for their vacation in Greece with kids. Quiet and low key, Sifnos is a family favourite.
8. Rhodes: One of the great things about the island of the knights is its plentiful entertainment options. Both adults and children have many sights, resorts, and beaches to choose from, their favourite usually being the Butterfly Valley.
9. Athens: Greece’s capital city invites travellers with kids to explore its worldwide famous monuments as well as its adorable lesser-known corners. Every turn is a gift of knowledge for young children, and no day will be the same no matter how long you decide to stay.
10. Peloponnese: Castles, monasteries, caves, beaches, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are only a few of the must-see attractions in the Peloponnese. For peaceful summer days by the sea or adventurous trips towards stunning locations, the southern part of Greece is your must-go place.

Hiring a nanny while vacationing with kids in Greece

It goes without saying that Greece is an enormous summer playground. No matter how small your summer destination in the country is, you’re sure to find pleasurable activities for your little ones. In fact, all that playing under the sun might leave you wanting some alone time or a few hours spent with your partner.

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