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How to Find the Perfect Nanny in Greece

Entrusting your child in the hands of a nanny is one of the most challenging choices a parent must make. Luckily, first-class nanny agencies share your concerns and offer premium services when it comes to childcare. From full-time home nannies, live in or live out, to part-time, holiday or occasional help for a romantic night out, nannies can make a difference in your private life and your holiday effortless and memorable.

Kids in Greece strive to gather the most terrific holiday and at home nannies for you to hire by performing quality checks on their background, education, and expertise. Our nannies are highly experienced professionals who love children and just can’t get enough of playing with them. If you’re wondering what makes a great nanny or how much nannies cost in Greece, we have put together the most essential information on making an educated nanny agency selection.

How do trustworthy nanny agencies work?

Trustworthy nanny agencies comprise thoroughly vetted professionals. Here are some additional things to look out for when trying to pick the right one.

  • Available for communication: Whether via phone or email, reputable nanny agencies are transparent with their recruitment processes. You should feel able to ask any questions about the childcare agency and their services and feel supported throughout the hiring process.
  • Personalization: A nanny agency you can rely on also offers personalized services. They match family profiles to the ideal individual in order to service you in the best possible way.
  • Long experience in the field: Finding the appropriate nanny for each family is not an easy task and requires experience, so trust an agency that has been around for some years.
  • KidsinGreece Tip: When it comes to home or holiday nannies for hire, local agencies can recommend great professionals because it is much easier for them to perform all the necessary checks.

What makes a great nanny?

A nanny job requires a combination of skills that are rare to find. So, what makes a great nanny? Talented nannies love being around children, think creatively for most of the day, and always consider health and safety issues. They take pleasure in being a nanny and make efforts to improve in their role.

Another essential quality of a good nanny is respecting parents’ guidelines and considering their philosophy on raising their children. At the end of the day, the nanny taking care of your child must be able to provide a fun environment whilst using her common sense and taking care of their well-being.

How much nannies cost?

The most important thing to look out for when hiring a nanny is their references and background. First-class professionals aren’t – and shouldn’t be – low-priced. And that’s precisely where leading agencies make a difference. Nanny agencies that value their personnel and associates take good care of them the same way they look out for their clients.

On average, nanny costs in Greece range from 13-30 euros per hour, or an average of 2000-3000 euros per month, depending on qualifications, experience, role, location, duties, and of course the hours. However, childcare services should always be valued above other home services like cooking and cleaning and are prioritized accordingly. Rates might also differ for an additional number of children or long-term employment.

What to keep in mind when hiring nannies

All the qualities of a good nanny make it an exceptional job and an exclusive service. A trusted agency has a list of handpicked nannies for hire who know how to take care of children and are flexible in keeping them entertained. Attending to children’s needs is their first and foremost priority.

But what is the difference between a nanny agency and a website platform for finding nannies? A trustworthy agency promotes approved nannies with the above traits rather than an extended list of associates who claim to do everything on a budget, including taking care of your child. And as mentioned earlier, being responsible for many things around the house might be advantageous for some families, but it isn’t what makes a good nanny.

What makes Kids in Greece stand out?

Kids in Greece was the first nanny provider for holidays in the country and has been the matchmaker between nannies and families for more than 10 years. Kids in Greece is a female-run childcare agency managed by an individual with a deep educational background and experience as a mother. The agency endorses qualified nannies and does not cooperate with professionals that do not meet their unique selection criteria.

Contact us to find the perfect nanny that suits your needs. Whether you require a full-time nanny at home or an on-call babysitting service, a nanny who specializes in infants, or a VIP nanny for hire, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about our services and let your next adventure in Greece be a breeze.