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Introducing our yacht nanny service

Our yacht nanny service is a luxury childcare service for families holidaying on a yacht and sailing around Greece and surrounding locations. We have a selective team of yacht nannies who can provide a very high standard of care for your children whilst on your cruising adventure. A yacht nanny will engage in normal nannying duties but safety and supervision of the children are put first. Educational and fun activities are planned and scheduled well in advance to ensure an exciting experience while on board.

On board entertainment with safety first 

At Kidsingreece we take safety very seriously, especially out at sea. Unique weather conditions, slippery surfaces, loose locks and confined spaces, combined with children’s curiosity and clumsiness, is not an easy situation to monitor whilst you are trying to relax. But that does not mean your children miss out on one of the greatest adventures. With a Kidsingreece yacht nanny on board, we can ensure your children stay safe whilst turning on the entertainment, saving you the worry in making their sailing trip an amazing one. The risks and dangers associated on board are carefully considered when planning activities and running supervision, and we provide plenty of age-appropriate games for your children to stay busy and have a splendid time. With provision, our nannies can also teach children basic aspects of sailing, the importance of safety, as well as engaging them with on-board duties when opportunities arise. And of course, sharing the magical experience of watching the sea creatures swim by.

Yacht nanny duties

  • Providing on deck entertainment
  • Engaging children in activities (appropriate to the yacht’s structure and safety hazards)
  • Prioritising and assisting with children’s safety while on board (fitting life jackets, applying sun protection, putting up safety nets and medication delivery)
  • Assisting with yacht-land transfers
  • Swimming with children
  • Supervising bathing and dressing
  • Planning and supervising meals of the children
  • Assisting children with any homework/educational demands
  • Shopping for the children’s needs

The duties of a yacht nanny are similar to a nanny who works in a home full-time, but due to the short amount of time spent with the children on the vacation, the nannies plan well in advance of the trip and prepare the necessary materials needed to be taken on board.

We advise booking your yacht nanny early so that you can have a choice of more expert nannies on board and for our nannies to organise their activity plans.

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