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Kidsingreece is a trusted professional private nanny service for families who live in or visit Greece and Cyprus.

Formed by an education expert and mother of two with the aim to provide families with the best possible childcare. For a long or short term position at home or just on holiday, Kidsingreece will match you with the right nanny. All our nannies have at least three years childcare experience and are thoroughly checked.

Nannies in Greece, Aegean, Ionian Islands and Cyprus

Nannies in Athens

Explore Athens worry-free with our professional nanny services. Create lasting memories while we take care of your little ones.

Nannies in Thessaloniki

Explore Thessaloniki's family-friendly wonders with Kids in Greece! From iconic landmarks to educational attractions, discover the city's magic with trusted nannies in Thessaloniki.

Nannies in Cyprus

Our nannies in Cyprus are experienced, multilingual, and dedicated to making sure your kids have the best time ever. Whether you need a full time or part time nanny at home or for your holiday, we've got you covered.

Nannies in Corfu

Unwind and enjoy the beauty of Corfu while our experienced nannies provide exceptional care for your children. Discover peace of mind on your family vacation.

Nannies in Crete

Experience the wonders of Crete with our top-quality nanny services. From beach adventures to cultural explorations, our nannies ensure a memorable and worry-free trip.

Nannies in Kefalonia

Discover Kefalonia's treasures while our dedicated nannies create a safe and enjoyable environment for your little ones. Enjoy peace of mind throughout your stay.

Nannies in Mykonos

Embrace the magic of Mykonos knowing our caring nannies are there to provide exceptional care for your children. Relax and indulge in the island's enchanting atmosphere.

Nannies in Rhodes

Explore the beauty of Rhodes while our trusted nannies ensure your children's well-being. Enjoy worry-free adventures on this captivating island.

Nannies in Santorini

Experience the charm of Santorini while our experienced nannies take care of your precious ones. Unwind and create unforgettable memories in this breathtaking destination.

Nannies in Paros

Enjoy a carefree vacation in Paros with our professional nanny services. Let our dedicated nannies make your family holiday truly special.

Nannies in Sifnos

Discover the allure of Sifnos while our reliable nannies provide excellent care for your children. Explore the island's beauty with peace of mind.

Nannies in Andros

Experience the wonders of Andros with our exceptional nanny services. Relax and enjoy the island's serenity while we take care of your little ones.

Nannies in Naxos

Enjoy the beauty of Naxos knowing our reliable nannies are dedicated to your children's well-being. Create unforgettable memories on this picturesque island.

Other Greek Islands Nannies

Find professional nanny services on various Greek islands. Discover peace of mind and create cherished moments during your island getaway.

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