9+1 Festive Indoor & Outdoor Activities for Kids to Revel in Wintertime We know how difficult it may be to organise your holiday activities when travelling with kids. We also […]

9+1 Festive Indoor & Outdoor Activities for Kids to Revel in Wintertime

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We know how difficult it may be to organise your holiday activities when travelling with kids. We also know how much you’ve been waiting to spend some quality time with your significant other in peace. And this is what we’re here for.

At Kids In Greece, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced nannies are here to help you out throughout the holiday season and entertain your kids in engaging and learning-oriented ways. From your house to nearby outdoor destinations – and not only -, we’ll assign you a nanny that best suits your family’s needs so that you can have your mind at ease while taking in the merry season.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, keep reading. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best festive indoor & outdoor activities your kids could do with our nannies to enjoy wintertime off-school in Athens.

Get into the holiday spirit with these 10 Entertaining Activities for Kids in Athens.

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1.  Christmas Tree Ornaments & Paper Christmas Trees

Let our nannies help your kids make DYI colourful Christmas tree ornaments and paper Christmas Trees. Use prints you may find online for cut-and-paste crafts or sticky wall activities. Let them feel creative by using different materials that can be found at home, such as paper, wood, pasta, toilet rolls and many more. After all, creativity never gets boring.

2.  Santa Advent Calendar

Our nannies boast artistic craftsmanship. Advent calendars bring Christmas cheer with daily surprises. Kids will enjoy growing Santa’s beard using cotton balls. How to do it? Cut Santa’s face from white craft paper. Colour and use pink paper for the cheeks, eyes, and nose. Glue a cap to the face and then write the Christmas month dates on the beard. Hang the calendar with a bowl of cotton balls and glue it somewhere around the house and let the kids get excited.

3.  Light Angels

As an alternative to making a snow angel in freezing weather, why not construct a light angel inside? Allow us to give each child a turn lying on the ground while the other uses string lights to trace an angel’s form. We will then make them race to see who can make one the quickest by keeping score. Exciting and competitive enough, isn’t it?

4.  DIY Hot Cocoa Kit

When we get the kids to help construct these cute DIY kits, they usually need hot cocoa. Get a jar, start painting it, decorate it with red flowers and ribbons and then fill it with hot cocoa, chocolate chips, and small marshmallows. For excellent hot cocoa, alternatively, let us take your children to Little Kook, a seasonal café that recalls childhood. Old fairytale pals and delectable goodies await! The staff’s theatrical performances, Nutcracker-themed servers, hot cocoa, and exquisite pastries and crêpes will absolutely delight your kids.

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5.  Holiday Themed Pancakes

Let the kids use their imagination by cutting pancakes into different shapes and decorating them like festive figures. They may even take it a step further by using a waffler maker to create delicious and entertaining waffles. If you’re seeking an outdoor pancake escape, make sure you visit Fairytale Cafe in New Filadelfia. The decorations are incredible; it’s as if you’ve stepped inside Hansel and Gretel’s home! And the desserts… well, that’s another story. It’s impossible to resist all of the imaginative and delectable desserts.

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6.  Melomakarona & Kourampiedes

Let us teach your kids how to bake the wonderful cookies that are a staple of a Greek Christmas. During a fun, family-friendly exercise, they’ll discover how to make melomakarona and kourabiedes, two types of cookies that are typically cooked around this time of year. Making these delicious cookies together is a body & mind stimulating activity that the kids will enjoy.

7.  Christmas Stories & Carols

The timeless tale by Charles Dickens serves as a poignant reminder of the value of second chances and compassion. Allow us to sit by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa and read it to your children. For an alternative ambience, we could also visit Little Tree Books and Coffee! The atmosphere at this charming cafe/bookstore is as warm and welcoming as it gets. We will enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of coffee amongst a wide selection of reading material! That’s a pretty perfect holiday scene, wouldn’t you say?

8.  Ice-skating

Enjoy the chilly weather by going ice skating. Your children will be worn out at the end of the day from all the excitement, and you’ll have an easier time getting them to sleep. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center has a jam-packed holiday schedule. Together, we can enjoy the park’s interactive installations as you ice skate next to the artificial canal and engage in other recreational activities. Its full schedule of fun things for kids and adults will appeal to a wide range of visitors.

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9.  Santa Claus letter

Encourage your children to take some time to write and decorate letters for Santa alongside our nannies. The largest Christmas village in Athens may be found in Gazi, at Technopolis of Athens. Stop by the North Pole and let the little ones run wild in the fully decked-out Sweet, Joy, and Toy Factory, or send their letter to Santa via ELTA. This is where we can enjoy a day of nonstop fun for the whole family with performances, workshops, games, and snacks.

10.  Skiing and Visiting a Nearby Snow Resort

It’s skiing time! Let our nannies accompany you and your children to one of the area’s snow resorts, be it for a day trip or more. If your kids are new to winter sports, skilled instructors will teach them using the latest methods and gear. Resorts like the one in Mt Parnassos offer snowmobiles, snow sledge, bungee trampolines, snow tubes, and other sports for snow lovers. You may end the day at the chalet’s bar, taking in the views.

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Looking for a nanny during the festive season in Athens, Greece?

Rather than sitting the kids down in front of a holiday movie, let us spread our love for DIY Christmas craft ideas and festive activities in the capital that your kids will cherish forever. Plan your holiday schedule with our experts and select the nanny that best meets your family’s needs for some festive fun! We take care of everything, so you don’t have to! Fill out the enquiry form to get in touch with us right away. Looking forward to hearing from you!