5 Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece Are you in Athens with the family, are you visiting for Easter, or will you be spending your summer vacation in the […]

5 Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece

Are you in Athens with the family, are you visiting for Easter, or will you be spending your summer vacation in the Greek capital? This list of the 5 top things to do in Athens, Greece will help you decide where to go during your time here. No matter how long your stay is, these attractions should be included in your Athens bucket list!

Top things to do in Athens, Greece

We love Athens. And we love exploring the city. Athens is the biggest city in Greece, but it feels more like a cluster of small towns once you live here. Each neighborhood has a distinct personality and flavour. From the historic heart to the Bohemian Psiri area and from the high-end Kolonaki shopping district to the charming and elegant Kifissia, one of the oldest and most beautiful suburbs of Athens. The best neighborhoods in Athens are brimming with character and culture, and there is something to do for everyone.

You might ask, “What should I definitely see and do in Athens? Honestly, there are so many exciting things to do, it can be hard to decide where to go first. In Kids activities in Athens, we have listed the best places to see and things to do together with your children. These include kid-friendly museums, such as the Hellenic Children’s Museum, a trip to the Zoo, a picnic in the city’s National Garden, family fun in Athens’ amusement park, and hands-on family workshops.

New in Athens

In this new blog, we included some of the latest additions to Athens. These are the recently reopened National Gallery, and the Hymettus Mountain Trail. Further, the famous Acropolis Museum added new Parthenon fragments to its collection! So, from Ancient Greek monuments and inspirational art to green mountains, you will see it all in our top 5. And if your children are too young to follow, we’ve got you covered. Our nannies can help you spend a precious day together without missing out on the city’s newest hotspots!

The 5 best things to do in Athens right now

1. Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

A stay in Athens is incomplete without visiting the best-preserved monument of the Ancient world: the Acropolis of Athens. People from all over the world visit the Acropolis every day because it is the most famous emblem of the city’s ancient and glorious past.

The Acropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Property for its cultural value and significance. To get a full understanding of the Acropolis and its constructions, you need to visit the Acropolis Museum too. Here you will see the archaeological finds from the Acropolis hill, and you will learn more about life in Ancient Greece.

2. Hiking Mount Hymettus

Athens is surrounded by mountains and in the East of Athens is Mount Hymettus. This green paradise hosts one of the city’s best walking paths: the Hymettus Trail. For an organized hiking experience, join the nature-loving urban Walking Group of Hymettus (ΠΕΡΙΠΑΤΗΤΙΚΗ ΟΜΑΔΑ ΥΜΗΤΤΟΥ- ΠΟΥ). The association organizes weekend walks on the mountain starting from 5 km (check Facebook for event information). Parents can leave their kids with the nanny at the Kalopoula Café, conveniently located towards the trail, serving great homemade snacks. Check the Greek meatballs, kids will love them! There is also a picnic area and open space for the children to play while their parents enjoy a hike on Athens’ best-kept green secret.

3. The National Gallery of Athens

The National Gallery of Athens reopened its doors in 2021 after many years of renovations. The impressive National Gallery building itself is an architectural highlight in Athens, and its exhibition stands out, particularly for its nineteenth and twentieth-century Greek painting and sculpture collection.

While parents can explore this Athenian gem on their own, they could afterwards meet the kids with the nanny and have a stroll towards Lycabettus Hill in Kolonaki. The nearby Rizari Park is also a great place for the kids to let go of some excess energy.

4. Visit the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio

The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio, the southernmost point of Attica, is an Ancient Greek temple of impressive size. Dedicated to the Greek God Poseidon, the structure is surrounded by myths and legends and offers one of the most beautiful sea views and sunsets in Greece. Bring your children along on the coastal excursion towards the archaeological site, but leave them with the nanny at the beach nearby. After your visit to the temple, you can all gather together at the beach tavern for a family lunch.

5. Little KooK Café

If there is one place in Athens where parents and kids will have an equal share of fun, it is Little Kook in Psiri. Located in a quirky decorated car-free alley, Little Kook represents Alice in Wonderland-style magic with inspiration from stories like Mary Poppins, Cinderella, and Peter Pan. This themed café changes its looks according to the season (Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Summer) and serves drinks and sweet and savory snacks.

Have a Sunday stroll around the colourful streets in Psiri and end your day with pancakes at Little Kook!

Our Nannies

We encourage parents to take this list of the top things to do, and spend quality time together. This is important for the whole family; children and parents alike. Yet sometimes children and adults have different needs. That is why you can leave it to us to arrange the nanny for your family and enjoy doing together AND with the children. Our nannies have all the energy and enthusiasm necessary to keep your kids happy and entertained and make your holiday or family outing a memorable and fun experience for everyone.