My name is Marilena, I come from Peloponnisos and I am 39 years old.

Interacting with children fills me with joy and motivation to evolve, so I have worked as a nanny for children aged a few months to 13 years since 2005.

I have completed my studies in Music as an instrument player and teacher (Music Kinetics, music Teaching and Pedagogy, Music Theory/ Piano/ Singing Diploma), and have been working as a Music Course Teacher in public primary and secondary schools for the last fourteen years.

Main concern is safety, so I have completed an Education Program on First Aid and Basic Life Support Using Automatic Defibrillator which is regularly updated. I can speak English and drive a car.

Having good time with kids, while keeping the routines of the family, is a major priority for me. I strongly believe that children’s emotions, ideas and beliefs should be heard, respected and grow in order to understand them better, and help them to develop their personalities; that is why I had Educational Policy Institute’s Training Program for The Democratic-Collaborative School, trying to incorporate learning through play.

Other personal interests include traveling, drawing, cycling, constructing bamboo flutes and volunteering (at “School Without Borders” for refugees and immigrant children, and working as a coordinator for the Network of Collaborative Schools with the Freinet pedagogy of Attica and a member of the Board of the Hellenic Bamboo Pipers’ Guild).