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Kids In Greece Nannies 2016.17

Here are some of our new additions to the below dedicated team of nannies for summer 2017.

Our nannies are locally based but we can send you the one you like (subject to availability) from another location to join you in your holiday.


Maria is a qualified and experienced Primary School teacher. During the last seven years, she has worked in primary schools both as a general classroom teacher or as an SEN teacher. Throughout these years, she developed a strong interest in special education. She complemented her studies with a Master’s degree to expand her understanding and skills. Maria enjoys private tutoring at home during afternoons, supporting children not only with their homework, but also with fun activities and babysitting. During summers, she has worked in children's camps, organizing different kinds of activities, such as crafts, drama – role playing, cooking etc. Maria is a smiley, lovely person and is looking forward to working with us in Athens and other locations as a nanny.

For the last seven years Irini has been working as a teacher for children with special needs in Primary School. She has also worked for two seasons as an animator in various Children’s Clubs in Crete dealing with children of different nationalities. Irini had to prepare daily activities for all ages and interests to entertain the children with arts crafts, games and pool games, feed them, put to sleep and make sure they had a good time. Irini has also worked as a private nanny. She has a pleasant personality towards children and parents alike and can make parents feel comfortable leaving their children in her care.

Chryssa has a degree in Primary teaching and is currently working on her Master’s degree in special education. Chryssa loves working with children of all ages and has gained experience in schools and summer camps as a camp leader in Rhodes for two seasons. She organised many fun indoor and outdoor games and activities to ensure their stay was memorable. She is very energetic and has lots of patience with children. Talented Chryssa has attended a music school for six years and has learned to play many musical instruments such as the piano and the traditional lyre. Chryssa also enjoys traditional Greek dancing and dances with a proffesional group at special celebrations and festivals.Chryssa is very creative and children love to be around her dancing, singing and engaged in imaginative play!

Athinaa 30 year old primary school teacher with nine years’ experience in various locations in Greece and Cyprus. She has a University degree in Primary Education and a Masters in Special Needs Education. Athina has an endless love for education and has attended many seminars about Psychology, school bullying, Information Technology, and Special Education. She has worked as a private nanny for many families during her summer break and is confident with children from five months of age to 13 is years.

AnastasiaAnastasia 28
As a 2010 graduate of the Democritus University of Thrace – Greece, Anastasia is a fully qualified Primary school teacher and has a seven year teaching experience in Primary schools with all ages, in both urban and suburban districts of Greece. During her educational life she had the opportunity to broaden her knowledge in different teaching and educational methodologies, as well as, to use the inquiry – based learning as a significant method in various curriculum subjects. Anastasia is responsible for organizing school theatres, school excursions to museums, art exhibitions and other extracurricular activities. She has participated with her classes in educational programs with cultural perspectives.Anastasia has expended her leadership skills while obtaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration at the University of Nicosia. She isa smiley and hard working girl with a high level of adaptability and flexibilitywhowould go an extra mile to please.

A Greek teacher with a University degree in Primary Education currently studying in a Drama School. At the same time she is attending courses at Wilhelm Reich’s Centre of Physical Psychotherapy.
She believes that combining theatrical, pedagogical and psychological knowledge is necessary in order to be able to empathize with children, teach them how to learn independently, and play creatively and meaningfully. She speaks fluent English and French as well as Greek. She also speaks basic Spanish.Myrto is available in Athens but happy to travel with families to other locations too.

maria27Maria, 27
Maria is looking forward to working with babies and children of all ages. Maria has a 5-year experience in working as a pre-school teacher in nursery schools. She is currently working as a senior consultant in a Public Institute of Vocational training in Greece for nannies and nursery nurses. She has an M.A. in Paidagogy of Theater and a certificate in Pre-school Education and daily care of children with special needs. Maria comes to us not only with her hight qualifications but extra skills in SEN and sign language. Maria loves teaching babies and children. She is a very good communicator and listens to the family's quidelines for easch job to make sure that everyone is happy. She plans activities for all ages and abilities with enthusiasm.
She is fair, trusted, polite and flexible.

Eleni has studied mathematics in Greece and Norway and has completed a Master’s degree in Special Educational Needs, whilst she has been particularly interested in getting continuous training and qualifications. She has worked in Greek public schools for eight years and has been looking after children for two years.She has always had a genuine interest in children from different age groups and cultural backgrounds and loves new challenges in her job. Her prior working experience has helped her to develop creative activities (such as drawing, painting, crafts, role play) that promote their imagination in combination with teaching preschool concepts and thinking skills. Eleni has a passion for reading fairytales and stories, making up creative storytelling activities and spending time in nature. Her experience with individuals with special needs made her both friendly and firm when necessary and able to ensure their safety, entertainment and education. She is well-organized, punctual, flexible and recognizes the vital role of her collaboration with children's parents.

eleniDespina 31,
University degree in Early Childhood Education and Postgraduate degree in “Physical Activity and Quality of life”. For over ten years Despina has been working with children of all ages from 6 months to 10 years old, in summer camps, private nannying, public and private schools. The last two years she worked as the director of a private kindergarten. Her experience helped her realize what parents need for their children… a loving, smiling, enthusiastic and calm nanny who provides their children and environment with creativity and freedom but with some limits,…and this is what she is! Despina is a very energetic person who likes physical activity like swimming, biking, dancing, climbing and playing with kids all kind of games and sports. She finally loves to draw, sing, create constructions, cook and explore nature.

is a mother and has many years of experience with children from babies to 13 years, as a certified Early Years practitioner, Certified Montessori teacher for ages 6-12, Museum interpreter, baby sitter, volunteer story teller and tutor. Evie has worked in Kindergartens and Montessori schools in Greece, Poland, Hong Kong and London and holds a DBS clearance, and First Aid and Safeguarding Certificates. She is an expert in individualized learning and following the child’s needs comes naturally to her. Evie works at high professional standards, is reliable, caring, a keen observer, proactive, patient and very artistic. As a trained Montessori educator, she knows how to create environments of freedom within limits and to build relationships of trust and openness with the children in her care. Evie considers building deep, lasting relationships with children and families of paramount importance and this led her to start a London based company specializing in Parent Education and Child Coaching. During the course of her teaching career Evie has had the opportunity to work closely with parents of children with learning challenges and has seen how children blossom when their entire environment is nurturing, supportive and sensitive to their needs.

An extermely confident, qualified Early years teacher with excellent skills as a nanny too. Kristy has developed her knowledge and skills over the years in various positions in schools, nurseries and as a private nanny, and can take care of any children from newborn to 14 years. Kristy comes with a bag of activities and enthusiasm, and is very focused on the safety and care of the children as well as their emotional well being . She has great locality knowledge and can plan and suggest outdoor activities so that families can fully enjoy their time. She has worked with us for two seasons and all families have loved her work. Kristy is first aided and speaks greek, fluent english and basic german.

Greek , Primary school teacher. Eleni speaks greek, english and italian and has heaps of experience with children from newborn to 12 years old through teaching and private nannying. She is qualified in Special Education and has worked with children with special needs in schools. Eleni is first aid trained and comes with good references. She enjoys working with children and loves planning various creative activities. Eleni is sweet, responsible and caring.

Despina 34, Corfu and other locations
Greek, has a University degree in Early years education and a MA in SEN from a UK University. Despina has spent time in the UK to attend many childcare and SEN seminars and also attended a six month SEN study in Sweden. Since 2002 she has been engaged in childcare and worked in public nurseries and schools as well as with us as a private nanny. She speaks fluent English and French as well as Greek. Despina clearly enjoys her work with children and she is an excellent communicator. Despina has worked with us in Corfu and several locations for four seasons and our clients commented “she was absolutely fantastic and we were thrilled with her …she exceeded our expectations!”

Eleni 29, Corfu
A qualified Nursery nurse with over nine years of experience in childcare. She worked in various establishments in the Greek Islands and as a private nanny. Eleni’s initiative and imagination as well as her hard work have exceeded client’s expectations. Eleni adores what she does, she is a natural and genuine nanny. With comments like “ she is a star, polite and always prepared, the kids adored her …she will go out of her way to help with anything we asked for…” she has been an asset to our company.

Sarah 30,
Greek/English, with an Early Years Degree and over 6 years ‘experience in childcare and education, has already worked with us as a summer nanny in Corfu, Sifnos and also in the Alps. Sarah’s experiences vary from Kindergarten leaderships to nanny and tutoring primary school children. Sarah has looked after new born babies and older children. Sarah’s enthusiasm and warm personality has been an asset to our company and all our clients have spoken very highly of her. Clients comments: “Devoted, very competent, charming and polite. The kids loved her, she was very calm and cheerful”, “Sarah was fantastic with the kids and an absolute pleasure to be around”


Ioanna 27, Athens
Greek, a University qualified Early years teacher with a UK MS.c in child Psychology and another one in Counselling Psychology. She has over 5 years of experience working as a teacher in public schools and mental health centres for children and young adults, as well as voluntary work. Ioanna speaks Greek, fluent English, Italian and French. She has also worked as a private nanny and joined us three years ago in Athens. Her work is exceptional and we are very proud to have Ioanna in our team.

Kyriaki 30, Crete and Athens
Kyriaki has alerady worked with us for two seasons and she is loved by all our clients who ask for her year after year.  Kyriaki is a qualified early years teacher with a warm personality and a smile on her face. Kyriaki will go an extra mile to help anyone have a great time on holiday. Kyriaki advises on resources available in the whole of Crete and she prepares arts and crafts for all ages , she genuinly loves her job. An excellent communicator Kyriaki speaks english, greek and german.

Maria Christina 28, Athens
Maria Christina is a qualified primary school teacher who has worked as an English language teacher in various schools in Athens, as well as a private nanny.   Maria Christina enjoys language games, singing and role play, and tries to incorporate learning through play. She teaches children of all ages. Maria Christina worked for us for two seasons and we have excellent references for her, especially praising her skills with babies and younger children. She works in Athens and mainland Greece.

Dimitra 29
Greek, with a University degree in Early Years teaching and five years’ experience as teacher in public schools and nannying. Dimitra is an enthusiastic and creative person who loves planning fun activities for babies and children of all ages. She enjoys cooking with children and art and crafts activities. Dimitra come to us highly recommended.

Maria 28, Kefalonia 
Early years university qualified teacher and SENCO and language therapy specialist. Maria has worked in many settings as a private nanny, class teacher and currently as an advisor and special needs co-ordinator in a primary school in Corfu. Maria's enthusiasm for childcare and her genuine love for children is apparent and comes to us with glowing references too. Maria is looking forward to work with us this summer in Kefalonia and Corfu.

Anna 27,
A Greek qualified teacher with a University degree in Primary Education and Postgraduate studies in the UK. She is an experienced nanny and private tutor of English language. Anna is a member of the Greek Children's Museum, where she has worked in leading, facilitating and evaluating educational programmes for children of various ages (3-15 years old), she is motivated by her love of playing and interacting with children. Anna has also worked as a summer camp leader for many years, and is highly creative and resourceful around young ones. The parents say: ''She takes very good care of my kids and in return they adore her. They are never bored around her!''. Anna loves travelling and is very much looking forward to working with us in the Greek islands this summer and in the Alps the coming winter.

Artemis 23, Thessaloniki and other
University degree in Early Childhood Education and assistant training in Montessori. Masters degree in Education and Management in London. Fluent English speaker and German language advanced skills. An efficient and highly motivated nanny/teacher with a natural responsible and caring attitude. Artemis has a passion for child development and has geared her studies and work experience to enable her to continue a career in this sector. Through her studies on Early Childhood, she has kept up-to-date with developments in Early Years Care and Education. Artemis proving excellent organizational and time management skills and is comfortable working in any setting, as private nanny or kindergarten, she is a great communicator and team player. Artemis has a warm and smiley personality, is extremely polite and professional, here is what we have heard from a family who used her as a nanny/teacher: "She is very reliable, trustworthy, motivated, and able to make herself tune-up with the requirements of family and children. In summary, Artemis possesses all qualities that make her a successful childcare worker"

Villy 30, other
Here is what she tells us:
I come from Greece but I rather live as a citizen of the world. I studied Psychology in Athens and later Child and Adolescent Psychology in The Netherlands. I have worked with children aged 1-16 y old coming from all walks of life; from Europe to Asia and Africa and from bare foot children in streets to private households. I love making my little friends smile and creating funny activities for them to enjoy :) Love travelling, swimming and biking.nannies2014c

Sophia 25,
A University qualified Primary school teacher with more than four years of experience in teaching. Sophia speaks excellent English due to her five years studying in an American school both in the USA and Italy. Very responsible, hard working and kind, Sophia genuinely loves children, she spends time to organize games and activities and believes in quality time. Sophia is energetic, loves sports and outdoor activities. She has experience in childcare from 3 months babies to 12 years old kids.

Panayota 35,
With a University degree on Philosophy, Psychology and Paedagogy .Worked for 15 years as a teacher in public and private schools in Athens and Mykonos. Yota has excellent childcare skills and heaps of experience as a mother of three children who is constantly on the go! Yota is hard working, enthusiastic and talented in scheduling and coordinating children s activities. Truly enjoys to spend time with kids, taking care and respond to their needs. Yota has a wealth of knowlege and gathered activities in her home to entertain all ages of children, she loves arts and crafts and cooking and baking. She is fluent in English.

Andriana 29,
Is a university qualified teacher with experience in teaching for over 8 years. She has worked in many settings and comes with very good references to us. As a nanny Andriana worked in 5 stars hotels in Corfu, additionally worked in an office with a language therapy specialist, as a social worker, as well as with children with special needs in summer camps.
She speaks English,German and French .She loves spending time with children af all ages. She is very caring,responsive and always smiling.She believes that everybody who works with children is very lucky.

Teresa 31,
Greek/American, a qualified nursery nurse who spent most years in the USA teaching in nursery schools. Teresa is a hard-working, caring and fun loving person who is determined and tries for the best. Teresa has a husband and a 6 year old son and they live in a Greek island in the Ionian. Teresa loves outdoor activities and she is always enthusiastic to prepare fun games.

Alexandra 31,
Greek, University qualified Early Years teacher with extensive experience in teaching in schools, nurseries and as a private nanny. Alexandra has worked with the deaf and blind and has attended many seminars on SEN and Theater studies. Alexandra speaks fluent English. Alexandra has worked with us last summer and our clients reported “she was a very pleasant and true professional girl, always with a smile and the kids loved her…she even bought little gifts for them when we left!”

nannies2015bMarina 30, Corfu
With a history PhD and over five years of paid private nanny experiences Marina loves messing with children of all ages. The families who she worked for have reported "a professional and hard working, lovely personality with an attitude to please everyone ".

Meropi 24,
Greek, with a University degree in Psychology and working experience with both children and young people, is flexible, adaptable and creative person. She will always look after children with due care, skill and ability and she can create a warm and secure environment for children to develop and learn in.



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