Make a holiday where memories will last…

Our travel nannies are here to make sure your children have fun, stay safe and enjoy their time away from home, whilst giving you the time to relax or the head space to work. A travel nanny will accompany you on your trip and is responsible for all aspects of childcare, assuring the trip runs smoothly through day and night. Kids will not want the fun to stop! Whether it is outdoor fun, messy crafts, role play or a quiet story, your children will go to bed with a smile on their face.

Your expectations, itinerary, and preferred activities are considered carefully prior to your trip, so that your nanny can fully assist you.

Why bring a travel nanny

Many parents want to spend time with their children on holiday, and there is no reason not to! Making special memories with your children come as great opportunities, and let’s not ignore the fact we feel safer when they are by your side, especially in a new environment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some much-needed down time alone to do the things you want in your new surroundings. Our travel nannies are here to make you feel contented. They are experts at quickly and easily adapting to the new adventure, and will help alleviate some of the stress so you can enjoy quality time as parents, with friends, or by yourself.

Benefits of a travel nanny

Enjoy a date night or spa day

Enjoy a parents-only sightseeing or museum day, which might bore younger children

Peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands

Planned educational and fun activities that make use of local resources

Focus on your business needs

Sleep in!

Duties of a travel nanny

  • Caring for the children. Your nanny will keep your child entertained and engaged in learning and fun, fed and ensuring naps and bedtime routines are on schedule.
  • Child-related household duties. This includes kids’ laundry, dishes, cleaning play area, tidying.
  • Your nanny can assist with any holiday needs such as light grocery shopping, airport navigating or local activity planning.