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I am a qualified, kind and enthusiastic English teacher. I have a Master’s in ‘Teaching English’ and in ‘Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties’.
My experience varies between working in nurseries/preschools and babysitting in the UK, plus in private sector as a language teacher from 5-18 years. While in nurseries, I organized activities that encourage children to learn about the world and explore their interests. I have been working as babysitter as well for different families during weekends. I was responsible for making sure that the children are safe and spend their time productively. Currently working in a Greek Saturday school with ages between 5-8 years and teach them through play and singing. I love following the parents’ routines and also making sure the children have healthy snacks, meals and a good rest time as well as assisting with good hygiene.
I consider myself a creative, respectful and reliable person, who is always eager to work and have fun with children.