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Stavroula/Lina has studied pedagogy, Science of Education (Department of primary education, University of Patra – Greece). She has completed the first aid seminars of the Hellenic Red Cross, of which she has been a volunteer since 2014. Stavroula has been working in childcare since 2015. She has gained experience from working with groups of children of different ages in a summer camp and as a nanny taking care of babies and infants from 12 months to 10 years. Her mother tongue is Greek, but speaks fluent English and a good level of French.
Lina likes theatre and drama and has taken part in events and seminars for theatre, she loves arts and crafts and enjoys swimming, cycling and trekking. She currently lives in Crete. We describe Lina as a positive, adaptable, well-organised and committed personality, at the same time calm and full of fun.