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A charismatic and energetic 29 year old bilingual nanny who loves associating herself within family values and new adventures. Always inspired and driven to be good and efficient at what she does, Sera cares deeply about her professional relationships and personal development.
All that I do, I do with an immense passion and attention to detail. I love order and being able to relate to others on a wider scale. I look for challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone in order to better myself and give back the best version of myself .
Sera studied fine arts and is fluent in English, her native tongue, after having lived abroad for many years, she also speaks moderate Greek. She is currently based and located in Athens.
Sera has seven years’ experience in childcare and tutoring, creative play, childcare development, and prides herself in what she does.
Children are the hands we take hold of heaven
The purity and innocence of a child’s heart always grounds me in all aspects of my life.”