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My name is Panagiota. I am 25 years old from Greece. Graduated from the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education and have been trained in “Special Education” and “Art therapy with emphasis on the Visual Arts”. (University of the Aegean) and certified in first aid for children and adults. My experience in childcare began from a young age because I come from a large family of six children. Before graduating I had been working for five years as a babysitter for all ages of children, helping children to study at home and organizing children’s parties. After graduating I worked for three years as a kindergarten teacher in private schools. Greek is my native language, but I am a fluent English speaker. The reason why I love my job is because kids make every day unique and interesting. Usually, I try to create learning activities inspired by Reggio Emilia’s pedagogical approach. Nature and playing are the basic learning tools in my point of view. I have an inclination to artistic activities (painting, diy crafts, clay art) and in amateur level I create wall paintings. People describe me as a creative, responsible, patient and imaginative person. I love swimming, painting, cooking, and crafting. My priorities are to keep children safe, promote self-esteem, encourage them to pursue their interests, to take initiatives and of course have fun together!