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Olga is a 30 years old primary school teacher, First Aid Certificated and non-smoker.

Her primary goal as a babysitter is to provide a happy environment for the children entrusted in her care. Equipped with a positive personality, extensive experience in childcare and babysitting, and a genuine interest for children in special needs (Master of Special Education). Olga has been working as a babysitter for nine years and has extensive first-hand knowledge on how to handle children of all ages (courses and certificate in Infant Care) and provide a safe environment for them that takes into account their holistic needs. She plans fun activities, play groups and outings for children and always establishes positive relationships with the children by designing creative and educational games.

“Olga is focused on providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for every child. Assists children with disabilities in tending to their individualized needs and demonstrates the ability to handle emergency in a calm manner.”