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My name is Magdalini, 39 and I was born in Athens. After my graduation from the school in 1998 I studied nursing intensive care unit in Athens and I received my certification in 2001. Then I studied dance in the professional dance school of Despoina Grigoriadou in Athens where I graduated in 2005. In 2006 I received my diploma in Shiatsu massage therapy from the Oriental Medicine Training Center. I have a certification in Latin dance as well. In 2018 I gained my certification as a teacher in Iyengar yoga. I work as a dance teacher from 2006. Nowadays I have my own dance school in an island in the Cyclades. My students are aged 4 to 18 and adults as well. I have also worked as teacher and assistant in a nursery school taking care of the babies. I have travelled through Europe and in South America as well. I used to live in Argentina and Brazil for 3 years. I speak four languages Greek as my native language, fluent English, basic Spanish and fluent Portuguese. During my staying in Brazil I used to practice capoeira. I love travelling, reading, painting, all kind of sports and swimming. I am a person with high level of imagination, I love and enjoy the company of all age children.