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A graduate of the Democritus University of Thrace – Greece, fully qualified primary school teacher with a seven year student teaching experience from the 1 st to the 6 th grade level. During her educational and professional life, Anastasia had the opportunity to broaden her pedagogical knowledge of different teaching and educational methodologies, as well as, to use the inquiry – based learning as a significant method in various curriculum subjects. During her professional experience as a class teacher, she has developed her communicational skills as an educator, interacting with students from the whole primary age range. Anastasia is responsible for organizing school theatres, school excursions to museums, art exhibitions and other extracurricular activities, considering their ability to deliver education in a more interesting way. She has participated in educational programs with cultural perspectives. In addition, at school’s free time, she organises entertaining activities, in order to relax and amuse children from the everyday routine. Anastasia has developed her leadership skills with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration at the University of Nicosia. A smiling and hard working girl with a high level of adaptability and flexibility who can thrive in any new project.