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I would describe myself as a responsible, conscientious, and well-educated individual with extensive experience of working with children and of teaching. I have also worked privately for high profile families in my role as a PA, and I am aware of the level of trust and discretion that it entails.
My degree in Education means that I have a deep understanding of how children learn and of their development and psychology. My main focus and passion has been in Early Years education. I have worked with children of all ages and abilities and of differing nationalities. To me these are the most formative and important years of a child’s life.
I am organised, creative and enthusiastic when it comes to planning lessons and activities. I care not only about the education of a child, but also about their social, emotional, moral and spiritual development.  My approach is very holistic – to teach them how to be the best version of themselves and to grow and flourish into well rounded, caring, kind and happy people. I am creative and enthusiastic as well as flexible and adaptable.
It is important to promote and enrich their lives in an exciting and stimulating way, to understand the needs of each child and to treat them as an individual. I am very perceptive, able to build a strong rapport and form positive relationships with children very easily. They are able to trust me and feel secure in my care, yet I am able to provide boundaries and be firm, as and when is necessary.
I believe good communication to be vital to promoting the development of a child; especially between the Governess/Nanny and the parents. I like to be able to develop an open working relationship by liaising with the parents as frequently as is required. It is important that children have consistency and boundaries especially when instilling discipline and in managing challenging behaviour. Therefore, the wellbeing and education of each child can be seen as a collective endeavour with the Governess taking a more front stage role.