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Anna Maria
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I am Anna-Maria and 33 years old. I have studied musicology/music pedagogy and now I am on my MSc in Arts and Cultural Management. I used to be a piano teacher for a long time, and also I have worked as a nanny since my 20’s. Apart from Greece, I have lived and worked in the Netherlands as a live-in and travel nanny and in the UK as a live-out nanny in Greek and English families/language.

I am passionate about arts, travelling and children and the dream job would be a combination of all three. Furthermore, music, reading, theatre and discovering cultures, countries and people is a really a big part of my life. As a person and as a professional I am considered to be a happy, reliable, organized and creative person with a great sense of humor, and, of course, with a lot of experience with children in a wide range of ages. Additionally, my work’s main goal is to bring free, kind, independent and caring kids up. Therefore, I always keep myself updated, resourceful and informed of the educational activities, games and parenting approaches and I am looking for new trends to extend my knowledge about our little friends too.