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Anna A.
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I am a 30 year old Greek qualified in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, and CPR trained for children. I speak Greek, English and fluent Spanish.
I have eleven years’ experience in childcare. For the last seven years I have worked with infants from 5 months to 12 years from different countries and cultural backgrounds as a multilingual – travel nanny, nanny for babies and toddlers, and as head of multilingual kindergarten and Greek Language through music teacher.
Mindfulness, emotional psychology and musical background and activity is an important part in my work routine, while I am investigating children’s’ attention span, concentration and diverse learning types.
I invest in myself by Relational Psychotherapy while in my spare time I practice Taichi, I sing and play the cello and love to keep up to date with children’s Literature and diverse music cultures.
As a person I am flexible, patient and organized.
Working with children is my passion while I find the composition of all my creative interests in one and only goal, the manifestation of life’s beauty and joy through a child’s smile and peace.