Book Your September Nanny and Extend Your Summer in Greece

Summer’s end doesn’t mean the end of adventures, especially in Greece. With the sun still shining warmly, September unveils a unique opportunity for families with kids to explore this captivating country. As the warm embrace of summer lingers on, it’s time to extend your family adventures with a professional nanny in Greece.

Why Choose the Greek Islands in September?

Bid farewell to scorching heat while saying hello to the perfect blend of warm days and cooler evenings in September. With coastal temperatures averaging around 25°C, it’s a delightful time for outdoor escapades and beach fun. While September remains part of the high season, the latter half witnesses a transition to off-season, presenting budget-friendly deals and a quieter atmosphere.

The Greek charm doesn’t fade; it only gets cosier in autumn. Less crowded locales, affordable options, and a plethora of events await. Greece’s Mediterranean climate ensures sunny days with the occasional refreshing rain shower, and the sea, having soaked up the summer sun, beckons with its warmth.

What’s the Weather Like in Greece in September? What Should I Pack?

Considering a rain jacket? If you’re heading to Crete, Rhodes, or the smaller Dodecanese Islands, a light layer for potential drizzles would suffice. Athens, too, enjoys pleasant days in September, with a sprinkle here and there. And beaches? They’re at their finest in September and even October. The temperatures are comfortable, making it the ideal time for those splendid coastal explorations.

So Why Visit Greece in September with Kids?

The benefits of a September family getaway are boundless:

  • Ideal Weather: Bid adieu to extreme heat and welcome milder temperatures that make outdoor explorations comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Fewer Crowds: Experience Greece’s beauty without the hustle and bustle of peak season, allowing your family to savour the sights at your own pace.
  • Affordable Options: Post-mid-September, many islands transition to the off-season, offering budget-friendly accommodations and a chance to experience luxury for less.
  • Cultural Festivals: Immerse in local culture through September’s festivals and events, creating unforgettable memories for your children.
  • Beach Paradise: Enjoy the warm Mediterranean waters with reduced crowds, making family beach days pure bliss.

Choosing Your Island Odyssey

Our Top 10 Island Suggestions

September unveils a treasure trove of islands to explore, each with its unique allure:

  1. Santorini: Santorini’s allure lies in its magical sunsets, painting the sky with hues of gold and orange over the iconic white-washed buildings. With your family, savour the Aegean delights at charming tavernas, where local cuisine becomes a journey of taste. Engage in water adventures along the island’s coastline or explore the treasures within its quaint villages.
  2. Crete: Greece’s largest island, Crete, is a microcosm of wonder. Here, your family can embrace diverse landscapes, from the golden stretches of pristine beaches to the rugged embrace of towering mountains. Dive into mythology at ancient sites, embark on nature treks through gorges, and immerse in the vibrant culture of Cretan towns. Crete becomes a family haven where exploration knows no bounds.
  3. Mykonos: Mykonos, a cosmopolitan jewel, beckons families with its dual personality. By day, soak in the sun at iconic beaches, where crystal-clear waters invite endless play. By night, the island transforms into a rhythm of vibrant nightlife with a dash of sophistication. Share joyful moments at local festivals, explore the charming streets, and create lasting memories in the heart of the Cyclades.
  4. Paros: Paros reveals an enchanting tapestry of Greek authenticity. Uncover charming villages tucked between hills, where every corner tells a story of history and culture. Relax on inviting beaches with turquoise waters, perfect for playful family days. As you explore the island’s treasures, you’ll discover that Paros is more than a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of Greece’s soul.
  5. Andros: Andros, an unspoiled gem, invites families to uncover its pristine beauty. Traverse lush landscapes and scenic trails, where each step unveils a new layer of natural splendour. Dive into cultural gems in quaint villages and feel the warmth of local hospitality. Andros offers a serene escape for families seeking to connect with nature and culture in one harmonious blend.
  6. Corfu: Corfu’s allure lies in its fusion of Venetian architecture and natural beauty. Roam charming old towns, discovering historical remnants amidst the picturesque streets. Lounge on inviting beaches and embrace the calm of coastal tranquillity. Corfu becomes a blend of cultural exploration and seaside relaxation, offering a family escape that caters to diverse interests.
  7. Sifnos: Sifnos emerges as a paradise for families, catering to both young and old. Engage in many activities ranging from water adventures to cultural explorations. Serene beaches become the backdrop for unforgettable moments, where sandcastles and laughter are the currency of joy. Sifnos is a haven where family memories are etched in the island’s vibrant tapestry.
  8. Naxos: Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades, offers a dynamic family escape. Roam amidst ancient ruins that whisper tales of history, then immerse in the charm of traditional villages. Naxos’ family-friendly beaches invite endless play and relaxation. Embrace the island’s timeless essence, where exploration and wonder become shared family treasures.
  9. Rhodes: Rhodes, with its medieval charm, offers a journey through time for families. Explore ancient wonders and step into historical narratives amidst the island’s architectural marvels. Bask in the Mediterranean sun along its inviting coastlines. Rhodes becomes a family haven where history, charm, and sun merge into an unforgettable mosaic of experiences.
  10. Other islands in mind? We’ve got you covered. Explore the beauty of the Aegean and Ionian Islands while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with professional nanny services. Kids in Greece offers high-quality nanny services on various Greek islands, ensuring that your family vacation is both relaxing and enjoyable.

Prefer the Mainland? Still a Lot to Do

If you find yourself drawn to the heart of Greece, the mainland offers an array of cultural treasures and natural wonders that will captivate both you and your kids. Here are our top picks awaiting your family in Athens and the surroundings:

Athens Hikes

Greece’s captivating allure isn’t confined to its islands; Athens, a city steeped in history, offers a range of family-friendly hikes that blend exploration with fun. Imagine your kids stepping in the footsteps of ancient travellers as they traverse paths rich with tales from the past. From the lush trails of Mount Lycabettus to the historical mysteries of Filopappou Hill, these hikes are more than just walks – they’re interactive history lessons. As you ascend, soak in sweeping city views and iconic historical sites. It’s an educational journey that’s both active and enlightening.

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Athens City Exploration

Athens, a city where history lives and breathes, presents iconic attractions tailored for kids. Beyond the grandeur of the Acropolis, dive into the National Archaeological Museum, where mythical artefacts come to life. The Benaki Museum becomes a vibrant storybook of Greek culture spanning centuries. And the Plaka district is a whimsical adventure, a treasure hunt through both history and modern charm. Athens isn’t just a city; it’s a lively classroom inviting your kids to uncover the tales that have shaped our world.

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Peloponnese Adventures

The Peloponnese region is a playground of adventure for families seeking to ignite their children’s curiosity about history and nature. Traverse the remarkable Corinth Canal and watch your kids marvel at its engineering marvel. Explore the legendary Epidaurus Theater together, sparking their imagination with tales of ancient performances. The ruins of Mycenae and Tiryns become a captivating playground where they can envision warriors of old. The Peloponnese isn’t just history; it’s an open book of learning, where each step reveals stories waiting to be shared.

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A September Nanny for Seamless Adventures in Greece

As you embrace the evolving season, our professional nannies ensure your family’s adventure is seamless and enjoyable. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, our nannies are adept at providing care tailored to your family’s needs. While you immerse in Greece’s charm, our nannies handle logistics, ensuring every moment is delightful and stress-free. Contact us & book your nanny for autumn today –  let’s start a journey that celebrates the essence of Greece in all its forms.