People often talk about their dream nanny or what type of nanny they wish they worked with. Is it truly that hard to unearth the best nanny possible for your […]

People often talk about their dream nanny or what type of nanny they wish they worked with. Is it truly that hard to unearth the best nanny possible for your kids? Well, yes and no. There are many nannies out there – good or bad – and as with all professions, some may be great but not good enough for you.

Whether you’re a new parent just starting your nanny search or have already met quite a few bumps on the road, we’ve compiled the five mistakes you shouldn’t make. Noticing these not so rookie errors and consequently avoiding them will help you find the ideal match.

  1. Fail to do an interview

We all have busy schedules, and performing interviews for a nanny we may eventually be hiring can seem a waste of time. However, spending a few minutes on this can be time-saving in the long run. Just think of all the work you will have to put in if things don’t work out – and usually, that happens when you least expect it.

Start with finding a reputable and professional agency who will do all the work for you. Then speak to the nannies the agency has suggested to see who is the perfect match. Perform an online interview with your selected nanny candidates. Don’t hesitate to ask questions like:

  • “How do you build trusting relationships with children?”, or
  • “Is there any activity in particular that you find creates bonds with them?”

Tip: Nanny agencies can help you with the initial screening process. That way, parents only have to interview the nannies selected by professionals.

  1. Go for the cheapest option

A tight budget is something a family might struggle with and hiring a babysitter – whether for a night out, a holiday or full time at home – can be a burden financially. But this doesn’t mean that you must settle for the cheapest nanny on the market.

Most professionals charge depending on their skills and experience. An educated nanny with years of experience and good references will hardly settle for poor compensation. Inexperienced nannies might be worth a chance – everyone is at first, but accreditation and training from an agency is a completely new set of circumstances.

  1. Assume they’re aware of your parenting style

Are you raising a vegan kid? Are you keen on the Montessori approach? Perhaps your preferred parenting method is authoritative? Whatever your way of life or parenting style is, don’t just assume that your new nanny knows what you expect from her.

Take the time to explain things in detail. From eating habits to screen time, your policies should be laid out in-depth before the first day. Even if something is unchartered territory for them, discussing it together will bring out ways to make it work.

  1. Expect them to do household duties

Nannies spend considerable time at people’s homes, so it’s only natural for parents to try and combine childcare services with housekeeping tasks. Now, as far as nanny expenses go, we understand why you would consider killing two birds with one stone. But there is much more to lose at the end of the day.

To begin with, professional nannies will rarely settle for a deal like this because they know that looking after children needs full devotion and commitment. Of course, decluttering the place, cleaning toys, doing the children’s laundry, or even preparing a quick meal for kids is okay. On the other hand, it is safe to say that nannies who are required to clean, cook or do the washing might eventually neglect the kids.

  1. Compare yourself to the nanny

When you find the perfect babysitter, you might start feeling envy as you have to leave home and your nanny gets to spend time with your kids. If your nanny is exceptional with children and even manages everyday issues faster or more competently, comparing yourself to her is normal. At the same time you have to trust the nanny’s knowledge and experience and avoid over-instructing.

Remind yourself that you are only away for a specific part of the day or week and that no one could ever replace a child’s parents. After all, “parenting” tasks are part of her job description, and it’s quite normal for her to be able to achieve them. And most importantly, praise yourself for discovering such a great professional for your kids.

How to avoid nanny mistakes

It’s normal to feel lost. We hope the above tips can help you avoid the most common mistakes. Trusting another person with your kids is no minor issue. If it all seems overwhelming, rest assured that you are not alone. A reliable agency can assist you with any stage of the hiring process.

Our agency is happy to address your nanny needs, and our qualified childcare professionals are here for you. Are you looking for a nanny in Greece? One that is reliable, trustworthy, and gets along with your children? Let’s find together the right nanny for your family.